April 22, 2024

During April, information about enrolling for band (trombone, trumpet, clarinet, flute) and orchestra (cello, viola, or violin) is being distributed to fourth-grade students. Parents and students are invited to attend one of the enrollment meetings listed below, where the instruments will be demonstrated and more information will be available. Parents and students should try to attend the meeting at their neighborhood junior high, but can attend whichever meeting works best:
 Mead Junior High – Monday, April 22 (7:00 pm)
 Eisenhower Junior High – Tuesday, April 23 (7:00 pm)
 Frost Junior High – Wednesday, April 24 (7:00 pm)
 Keller Junior High – Wednesday, April 24 (7:00 pm)
 Addams Junior High – Thursday, April 25 (7:00 pm)
No previous music experience is necessary to play an instrument. Band and orchestra lessons will start at the beginning of next school year. If you have any questions, please visit the 
Instrumental Music Enrollment page ( or contact the band or orchestra teacher at your school.